Sunday, September 5, 2010

15th Sunday after Pentecost

Another first Sunday, another Missa cantata - how good to be at a proper celebration of the sacred liturgy, not some dumbed-down committee-designed version thereof.

There were about sixty present, all told (which would be at the very least 1% of all Catholics at Mass in Tasmania, if not nearly 2%, given how Faith and practice are slip-sliding away): pretty good for the one, grudgingly-allowed Traditional Latin Mass, held at 11:30 but once a month; this time round, on a wet and miserable day in early spring.  If we had Mass every Sunday, and a Low Mass too, numbers would more than double.  As it is, the age breakdown is most promising, with lots of families with lots of children, and several more new faces among our choir and servers.

How nice it will be come late next year, when the Archdiocese finally gets a better leader, we trust, one who agrees with Rome rather than suffers the angry bitterness of a certain generation... perhaps Summorum pontificum will be implemented at last.

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