Thursday, September 16, 2010

Edinburgh Alive

I'm watching the live webcast of Pope Benedict in Edinburgh – first, of his speech at Holyroodhouse in reply to Her Majesty; and second, right now, of his motorcade through the streets of the city.

I am amazed – in the eight months since I was in Edinburgh, the place has turned from monochromatic grey, black and white to a delightful palette of stone and slate against living green!  Honestly, as an Australian unused to such extreme seasonal changes, Edinburgh seems to have returned to life again after a fell and most drear winter.  It was odd to see the Popemobile (and occupant) driving along the self-same main roads whose footpaths I walked with such trepidation, snow-covered as they were, and to see the same footpaths filled with cheering onlookers, with, not snowcovered, but verdant parks behind them.

What a blessing for Scotland and the Scots indeed.


100,000 people turned out to see the Pope, report Scottish police (are you there, Mark?) – and only sixty protesters.  So much for the attempt of the media to whip up bigotry.


Mark said...

They say 125,000 people now, Joshua!

I didn't see the Pope in person, but even relayed by video it makes me very, very prowd to be Scottish. :D

Joshua said...

Excellent, Mark, excellent!

By the way, if you have time before you depart - what day do you leave? - have a look at the blog of Fr Nicholas Pearce, who's just been ordained in Melbourne:

A Priest Downunder