Saturday, September 25, 2010

Channeling Fr Z

I cannot arrive at work without first stopping for a proper takeaway coffee beforehand at my favourite café – perhaps (with or without a hazelnut flavour shot) a latte, a flat white, or just lately a cappucchino – and I often stop at another favoured coffee outlet after my labours of the day.  Thanks be to God for the inventor of the espresso machine!  Imagine, then, my gladness when on Monday, both at one café and the other I ended up with a free coffee, courtesy of my loyalty cards (every tenth cup is free).

But it doesn't stop there: last night, some really beautiful Tasmanian salmon steaks; this morning (as well as some good coffee bought from the local café) I brought home some ciabatta bread and a jar of Seville marmalade, for a really decent breakfast.  Then I read The Australian for a while.  (It goes without saying I'd been to confession earlier, after a sleep-in.)

Spring has sprung: everywhere trees in blossom, and flowers out in garden and park.  My favourite season, this.  Glory be to God for all good things. 

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