Friday, August 28, 2009

Sortes Sanctorum

St Augustine took the lines he found in the Epistles of St Paul as a message pregnant with meaning (as indeed they are, and were for him); one must avoid a facile, naive or superstitious use of the Scriptures, a falling into bibliomancy; but it is at the least interesting to see what words one's eyes discover when Holy Writ is consulted at random, a practice called by the early Christians Sortes sanctorum; here is my pick (I pray guarded by the Lord from any danger):

For laughter they make bread and wine, that the living may feast: and all things obey money. (Ecclesiastes x, 19)

ROTFL! This sortition is a rum deal...

Let me set loose this idle pursuit: would any of my readers (even fellow bloggers) like to play?

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