Monday, August 31, 2009

Low Monday

I may have caught a chill or whatnot yesterday, when I went bushwalking up the Gorge in wet weather... no sooner had I started the day, when my colleagues at work took one look at me and sent me home again, saying that I wasn't to spoil my upcoming holiday or theirs by coughing all over them and getting all of us really sick!

To-day is forecast to be another changeable day - we've already had sunshine and showers, and dangerously high winds are forecast, so I'm glad to be out of the open. Talk about equinoctial gales...

To while away the morning hours (till I take to my bed again), I may do some writing here in my study, with the morning sun - while it lasts - streaming through the windows and warming me up. It's nice to work somewhere where people care enough not to make you work when unwell, and don't wait till you're at death's door before discharging you from your duties.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon, Josh! Don't let it spoil your hols. God bless.