Monday, August 31, 2009

Even Heretics Get it Right Sometimes

Amusingly, when looking up some details about the Second Council of Nicæa (787), which restored the cult of holy icons, I found reference in its acts to the condemnation it pronounced upon the false iconoclast council of Constantinople (754); and interestingly enough, amongst that pretended synod's decrees against icons, I found these perfectly orthodox anathemas, which attest to the fact that in the eighth century, all - iconoclast and iconodule alike - believed in the most potent intercessory virtues of the Saints and, above all, of the All-Holy Ever-Virgin Mary, Mother of God:

(15) If anyone shall not confess the holy ever-virgin Mary, truly and properly the Mother of God, to be higher than every creature whether visible or invisible, and does not with sincere faith seek her intercessions as of one having confidence in her access to our God, since she bare him, [let him be anathema.]

(17) If anyone denies the profit of the invocation of Saints, [ditto.]

Even while condemning, wrongly, the use of images, the invocation of the Saints and above all of the exalted Virgin was strongly maintained.

Let modern-day heretics note that the united witness of the past (even when the Great Church was torn by factions) is against them.

May the Mediatrix of all graces, Suppliant Omnipotence, who touched the hem of the Divinity in becoming Mother of God, Queen of heaven, the highest and humblest under God, be ever the Morning Star of all Christian people, heralding her Son Christ, the Sun of justice, and obtain for us mercy from Him, to the glory of the Trinity and for our salvation.

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