Thursday, September 11, 2008

SS Protus and Hyacinth

Two martyrs, these, holy men who bore witness to Christ even to the death, enduring scourging and finally being decapitated rather than deny their Master and Lord, on this very day during the reign of the impious Gallienus, in the sixties of the third century.  They were already brothers by blood, made still closer in true fraternity by the shedding of their blood.

Interestingly, while their sacred relics were gathered up by the early Christians and given rest in the catacombs, they were separated in the ninth century, for the remains of St Protus were translated into the City by Pope Leo IV, while those of St Hyacinth slept undisturbed until their identification and rediscovery in 1845.  The body of St Hyacinth now awaits the general resurrection in the chapel of Propaganda College, while that of his sainted brother long ages ago was brought into the church of St Saviour on the Palatine.

Their collect petitions God to grant that the testimony borne by these two witnesses at so dear a price should warm our hearts, causing us to burn with unquenchable faith, hope, and charity after their model, and that the prayers of these saints, now reigning evermore victorious with Christ their King and Leader in heaven, should support us and defend us against every threatening evil, that we may triumph over all the enemies of our perseverance unto death:

Beatórum Mártyrum tuórum Proti et Hyacínthi nos, Dómine, fóveat pretiósa conféssio : et pia júgiter intercéssio tueátur. Per...

(May the costly confession of Thy blessed Martyrs Protus and Hyacinth comfort us, Lord: and may their pious intercession ever protect us.  Thro'...)

SS Protus and Hyacinth, pray for us.

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