Monday, September 29, 2008

Prayers to St Michael

This morning, one of the Friars of the Immaculate offered Low Mass of St Michael; since he is still learning how to celebrate the old rite, as well as two servers, he had an M.C. as well (the redoubtable Aaron).  He also said the three morning Masses yesterday, and heard confessions (incl. my own): a good priest.

Here are some prayers to St Michael, that most glorious prince of the heavenly host, defender of the Church and all Christian souls against satanic attacks, and the psychopomp of departed souls:

Aspirationes ad Michaëlem Archangelum

Michaël Archangele, veni in adjutórium pópulo Dei.
(Aña. 4. ad Mat.; cf. Dan 10:13b)

Sancte Michaël Archangele, defende nos in prælio,
ut non pereámus in treméndo judício
. (Alleluia V.)

Princeps gloriosíssime, Michaël Archangele, esto memor nostri:
hic et ubíque semper precare pro nobis Fílium Dei.

(Aña ad Magnif. Ad II Vesp. (Rom.))

Ora pro nobis, Sancte Michaël Archangele.
Ut digni efficiamur promissionibus Christi.

Invocatio ad sanctum Michaëlem Archangelum

Sancte Míchaël Archángele, defénde nos in prœlio; 
contra nequítiam et insídias diáboli esto præsídium. 
Imperet illi Deus, súpplices deprecámur, 
tuque, Princeps milítiæ cæléstis, 
Sátanam aliósque spíritus malígnos, 
qui ad perditiónem animárum pervagántur in mundo, 
divína virtúte in inférnum detrúde. Amen. 

Saint Michael the Archangel (cf. Jude 9), defend us in battle (cf. Rev 12:7); 
be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil (cf. Eph 6:11). 
May God rebuke him (cf. Jude 9), we humbly pray, 
and do thou, O prince of the heavenly host, (cf. Dan 10:13, 21; 12:1; Josh 5:14; Lk 2:13)
by the power of God thrust into hell (cf. 2 Pet 2:4)
Satan (cf. Rev 20:1-3a) and all the other evil spirits, 
who prowl about the world for the ruin of souls (cf. Job 2:2; 1 Pet 5:8b). Amen.

Precatio ad sanctum Michaëlem Archangelum

Princeps gloriosíssime cæléstis milítiæ, 
sancte Míchaël Archángele, 
defénde nos in prœlio 
advérsus príncipes et potestátes, 
advérsus mundi rectóres tenebrárum harum, 
contra spiritália nequítiæ in cæléstibus. 
Veni in auxílium hóminum, 
quos Deus ad imáginem similitúdinis suæ fecit 
et a tyránnide diáboli emit prétio magno. 

Te custódem et patrónum sancta venerátur Ecclésia; 
tibi trádidit Dóminus ánimas redemptórum 
in supérna felicitáte locándas. 
Deprecáre Deum pacis, 
ut cónterat Sátanam sub pédibus nostris, 
ne ultra váleat captívos tenére hómines 
et Ecclésiæ nocére. 

Offer nostras preces in conspéctu Altíssimi, 
ut cito antícipent nos misericórdiæ Dómini 
et apprehéndas dracónem, serpéntem antíquum, 
qui est diábolus et Sátanas, 
et ligátum mittas in abýssum, 
ut non sedúcat ámplius gentes. 

Most glorious Prince of the heavenly host, (cf. Dan 10:13, 21; 12:1; Josh 5:14; Lk 2:13)
Saint Michael the Archangel, (cf. Jude 9)
defend us in battle (cf. Rev 12:7)
against the principalities and powers, 
against the rulers of this world of darkness, 
against the spirits of wickedness in the heavens. (cf. Eph 6:12)
Come to the assistance (cf. Dan 10:13) of men, 
whom God made in his own image and likeness (Wis 2:23; cf. Gen 1:26a, 27a)
and redeemed at a great price (cf. 1 Cor 6:20a; 7:23a) from the tyranny of the devil. 

Thou art venerated by Holy Church as her guard and patron; 
unto thee the Lord hath handed over the souls of the redeemed 
to be placed in happiness above. 
Entreat the God of peace, 
that he may crush Satan under our feet, (cf. Rom 16:20a)
lest he prevail further to hold men captive, 
and to injure the Church. 

Offer our prayers in the sight of the Most High (cf. Ps 140:2; Rev 5:8; 8:3-4), 
so that the mercy of the Lord may swiftly overtake us (cf. Ps 78:8b)
and apprehend the dragon, the ancient serpent, 
who is the devil and Satan, 
and send him bound into the abyss, 
so that he may seduce the nations no more. (cf. Rev 20:2-3a; 12:9) Amen.

Alia Oratio

O Princeps cælestis militiæ, sancte Michaël, 
qui superbum Luciferum cum omnibus suis asseclis in tartarum dejecisti, 
O defensor et protector Ecclesiæ, 
O animarum ex hoc sæculo migrantium præses: 
succurre populo Dei, 
defende Ecclesiam tibi commendatam 
contra omnes insidias Satanæ; 
adjuva animam meam contra eundem hostem constitutam, 
quam tibi nunc commendo. 
Præsertim me in hora mortis meæ protege, 
ut ad paradisi gaudia admittar, 
ubi cum omnibus Angelis Deum æternis laudibus deprædicem. Amen. 

O Prince of the heavenly host, Saint Michael, 
thou who cast into hell proud Lucifer with all his followers, 
thou who art defender and protector of the Church, 
thou who art protector of souls departing from this world, 
come to the aid of the People of God 
and defend the Church committed unto thee 
against all the snares of Satan. 
Help my soul, which I now commend to thee, 
against this same enemy. 
Protect me especially at the hour of my death, 
so that I may be admitted to the joys of paradise 
where I, with all the Angels, may praise God eternally. Amen. 

Alia Oratio

Princeps gloriosissime, Sancte Michaël Archangele, 
ego humillimus cliens tuus saluto te per dulcissimum Cor Jesu Christi, 
quod in augmentum gaudii et gloriæ tuæ peramanter offero, 
gratias agens Deo pro beatitudine, quam tibi contulit, 
et quod te super omnes alios Angelos honorare et exaltare voluit. 
Tibi vitæ et mortis meæ curam specialiter commendo, 
adsis mihi nunc et semper, maxime in fine vitæ meæ, 
benigne me tunc consolare, conforta et protege. 
Impetra mihi augmentum fidei, spei et caritatis, 
nec permittas me a sancta fide deviare nec in foveam desperationis incidere, 
neque de operibus bonis, si quæ per gratiam Dei operatus sum, præsumere. 
Impetra mihi peccatorum meorum veniam, humilitatem, patientiam et alias virtutes, 
maxime vero perseverantiam in bono et gratiam finalem, 
ut tecum Deum meum glorificem in sæcula. Amen. 

O most glorious Prince, Saint Michael the Archangel, 
I, thy most humble servant, salute thee through the most beloved Heart of Jesus Christ 
which I lovingly offer for the increase of thy joy and thy glory. 
I give thanks to God for the blessedness which He brings to thee 
and with which He wishes to honor and exalt thee above all the other Angels. 
I especially commend myself to thy care in life and death. 
Be with me now and always, especially at the end of my life. 
Kindly console me, strengthen me, and protect me. 
Obtain for me an increase in faith, hope, and charity. 
Do not permit me to stray from the holy faith, nor fall into the snare of desperation, 
nor to take for granted good works, which I am engaged in through the grace of God. 
Obtain for me pardon of my sins, humility, patience and the other virtues, 
true perseverance in goodness, and the final grace 
that I may give glory to God with thee forever. Amen.

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