Friday, September 26, 2008

Holiday Plans

For the next two weeks, I'm off work, relaxing: the second week (Sunday to Friday) will be taken up with the Toodyay Retreat, but some of the first week (Tuesday to Thursday) will be spent down the South West, in and around the general Margaret River, Busselton, Dunsborough, and Bunbury area.

I obviously won't be posting during my annual retreat, but will try to keep this blog updated with some of my holiday pastimes.

Now, for any fellow Western Australians: any tips on good places to visit?

Oh, and in other personal, local and national news: Mum and Dad have just had their birthdays, so please remember them in your prayers; the new State Ministry was finally sworn in on Tuesday at Government House, some two weeks after the general election; and tomorrow is the AFL Grand Final (my team, Hawthorn, versus Geelong, in a replay of the '89 clincher), so, like all true blue Aussies, Michael and I are going round to Robert's place to drink beer, eat pies and other footy fare, and barrack for our teams: C'arn the mighty Hawks!

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