Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hymns to St Anne

While to-day is the feast of the Holy Martyrs Cornelius, Pope, and Cyprian, Bishop, I have my eyes set on gathering up suitable hymns to St Anne, whose church in Belmont our Latin Mass community is in process of moving into - though the process seems to give meaning to the expression "world without end".

Here's one (translated) by Edward Caswall, in his The Masque of Mary and Other Poems, presumably now out of copyright, that I've just found via Google Books:

O gloriosa domina. 

O LADY, high in glory, 
Whose daughter, ever blest, 
Fed the high Sovereign of the skies, 
At her maternal breast

What we had lost in Eva 
Thy Virgin Child restores, 
Opening to us in Christ anew, 
The everlasting doors.

O, shower grace and pardon, 
Dear heir of endless fame, 
On us and all who memory keep 
Of thy immortal name.

To Him, the world's salvation! 
Whom Anna's daughter bore, 
Be with the Father and the Spirit 
All glory evermore.

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