Saturday, July 5, 2008

Novena for WYD: 9 Days to Go

It suddenly struck me that it is nine days to go until I depart for the week of WYD: my party leaves Perth on the afternoon of Monday the 14th of July, and the official events begin on the next day, Tuesday the 15th, leading up to the actual Day itself, Sunday the 20th of July, after which my group returns on Monday the 21st.

Therefore, to make some preparation, I will pray the Litany of St Philip Neri each day, entrusting my preparation and travels to him, my chosen patron.

Please, if any readers will be in Sydney for WYD, or for that matter in Perth for the Days in the Diocese leading up to it, please leave a comment, or email me (go to my profile to do so) - I wouldn't mind meeting up!

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