Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Automobile Rosary

Why are simple things oft so hard to grasp?

I was happily saying a Rosary while driving home after visiting my aunt, when I suddenly realized that the answer to the question, How to fit in a daily Rosary, was there being acted out before me, by my own self!

It is perfectly lawful and moral to drive with due attention, and while so doing, to say one's Rosary and consider its Mysteries.

Note to self: do so in future!


Anonymous said...

Ermm... I would not say the Rosary driving! I thought we were meant to contemplate the Mysteries. ;-)

Joshua said...

I used to say my Rosary while walking home after University; one result is that I strongly associate the Rosary with movement, so unless I'm in a church I find it very hard to say it unless I'm in motion. Strange but true.

In any case, if we are meant to pray always, that must imply that in any situation we can so to speak cast our mind upwards, aware of the eternal truths and glad of them; and that is contemplation. Of course, if one is swerving to avoid a lorry...