Sunday, July 20, 2008

Back Online - WYD Memoirs: Saturday evening and Sunday Morning 19th-20th July 2008

Apologies to any readers - I've not had internet access for some days!

By my calculations, since arriving in Sydney late on Monday night I've heard 19 Masses - six on Friday alone! (Solemn Mass coram Cardinale; three simultaneous Low Masses, one of which I served; a Novus Ordo that I attended so as to give good example to two American pilgrims with whom I'd been at Exposition; and a Russian Catholic Divine Liturgy - that was Friday: did I mention the Russian Great Vespers as well?)

I attended the Papal Vigil, and was most glad to receive Benediction at the hands of His Holiness; but decided, having lost my sleeping bag, to skip the holy sleep-out, and to not try to get up dreadfully early in order to return for the Papal Mass. Instead, I had a sleep-in, and came and served Fr Rowe's Low Mass at the home of a friendly family (since he likewise wasn't able to stay at Randwick, and couldn't organize to use a church, alas). We're off to Solemn Mass at Lewisham tonight...

I have taken copious notes throughout the WYD experience, and will post these ASAP. This is just a taste of what's been happening.


Cosmas said...

Sounds good Joshua, looking forward to hearing all about it!

Hope you all have a safe trip home

Joshua said...

I have returned! - got home just after 5pm, Monday 21st July.

Off to 6:30pm Mass at the Pro. - Fr Rowe will read prayers for our safe return after Mass.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Josh. I, unfortunately, got to enjoy WYD from my armchair and throught the eyes of the ABC. I'm more convinced than ever that anti-religous bias is rife in Australian society. Hope you had a good pilgrimage.


Joshua said...

Well, you know the ABC: full to the gunwales with ex-priests, and that awful Geraldine Dog, as one Catholic woman called her!

I haven't seen The Age (Melbourne), but expect that Muriel Porter - "She drips poison," as one ex-Anglican now Catholic priest said - wrote vitriolic articles decrying WYD.

It's the WOCHA agenda: Women's Ordination, Contraception, Homosexuality and Abortion...

...the anti-sacraments of Satan.