Sunday, July 13, 2008

Some WYD Blogs to Follow

I have been looking for some blogs about pilgrims to WYD (seeing I'm about to become one myself), and these are what I've turned up and found congenial so far:

* The UK Catholic Herald's WYD08 Blog - I'm delighted (as Abp Hart would say) to read that the good pilgrims have spent their Days in the Dioceses in the great archdiocese of Melbourne, at the far-famed church of St Patrick and the Holy Angels, Mentone, with its fine parish priest, Fr John Walshe.

* The official WYD blog of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis - I loved the ingenue comments about how much they like our accent, and how Quarantine wouldn't allow their beef jerky into the Commonwealth of Australia!

* The WYD blog of the Archdiocese of San Antonio is also very interesting and positive in tone - again, I was delighted to read that their hosts in Melbourne have been two very good priests, Frs Charles Portelli and John O'Connor; also, it amuses me to read the constant comments about how cold Melbourne is (they should try Tasmania in July): remember, check the weather forecast when packing...

* The Southwark Vocations blog details their pilgrimage to Sydney - the comments about Newcastle are very perceptive, and repay careful reading.

* Vandy+Catholic, blog of the chaplain to Vanderbilt U. Catholics (not much said as yet).

* And, of course, the usual suspects: Sentire cum Ecclesia (covering the Melbourne Days in the Diocese), Australia Incognita (looking forward to meeting you, Terra!) and Juventutem - which last rather amazingly bills itself as "the online home of the English-speaking Juventutem pilgrims", when this English-speaking Juventutem pilgrim has his own online home here at Psallite Sapienter, thank you very much, not that he was asked about it!

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