Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fratres Oratorii Sessio III

Rather like the on-again, off-again Council of Trent, the Brothers of the Oratory gathered on Tuesday evening just past to resume for the new year of grace, 2008.

Having had to attend an evening function instead, I at least caught up with the fratres afterwards, who by that stage were gathered having conversation, food and drink, in approximately that order of quantities!

I ended up driving one of them home, and getting back myself after midnight. It wasn't till nearly 2am that I turned the light out, having reread a bit more of The Lord of the Rings - just arrived at Bree!


Anonymous said...

Off-topic, but how did you come by your Guéranger set?

Joshua said...

I popped round to visit St Rita's Catholic Books, in Gwelup, and took a set then and there, for $220 - its the St Bonaventure Publications 2000 reprint in hardback of the 1949 edition, still bearing a 1927 imprimatur (which reminds me, I must post a money order as per the invoice, since they didn't have eftpos and I haven't had a cheque book for years).

I suspect, though, that it may be difficult for you to get to Gwelup... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Indeed; got a website address for St Bonaventure?

Anonymous said...

Actually, on second thoughts: don't! It just something else I'll buy. After the Liber Usualis and all the other things on my list...

Pete said...

That was a good night.

We touched on the question of demonic possession, but did you have an answer on the possibility of angelic possession?


Fr. Has received a lot of press - did you see the Sunday Times and the Record?

In Vino Veritas,


Joshua said...

Pete -

(2) For those not in the know, the return in triumph of the TLM to Kelmscott got good positive coverage in not just two, but three journals of record: the Armadale Advertiser (local community paper), The Record (Perth's Catholic weekly), AND The West Australian (Perth's only daily newspaper).

We now need some activity newsworthy enough to get Fr Rowe and the Latin Mass into The Australian!

(1) As for 'angelic possession', it would seem that an angel, being fixed in goodness, would not ever seek to possess a human being, since possession in the technical sense must be a privation, an evil suffered, for the person 'taken over', and therefore acting to possess someone would be an evil, not a good act.