Saturday, August 11, 2012

Catholic Humour

An important aspect of human life is not to take it too seriously.  We ought have a sense of humour!  With this in mind, I recall some amusing Catholic jokes:
  • "For the sake of historical fashion..." (A Dominican's version of a certain popular chaplet!)
  • "Salvation by good taste alone" (His own explanation of Anglican soteriology)
  • Opus Dei, qui tollis pecunia mundi, dona nobis partem.  (Opus Dei, who takest away the money of the world, give us some!)

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PM said...

And there ae these gems, thanks to the Ironic Catholic:
Why did the chicken cross the road?
...answered with the help of the saints, writers, and a few hierarchs

Ignatius of Loyola:
For the spiritual exercise.

St. Antony of the desert:

Teilhard de Chardin:
The chicken was pursuing a teleological upsurge toward final consummation in the Omega Point of Divine Love.

Flannery O'Connor:
The chicken was struck by a truck while crossing the road, but experienced a flash of grace in the instant of its death. I prefer peacocks anyway.

St. John of the Cross:
The chicken was practicing detachment from all things northbound.

St. Augustine:
After a life of fowl debauchery, ignoring his chickenly restlessness and turning away from the peaceful goodness that is God alone, the chicken received the grace to convert, turning and walking the other way--thereby crossing the road of life versus death, praise be to God.

Thomas Aquinas:
Whether the chicken crossed the road?
Objection: It seems that the chicken did not cross the road, for chickens are accustomed to the farmyards that are the source of their food, and the hen house that is the source of their rest.
On the contrary, "And God said to Noah, 'Go into the ark, and take with you . . . seven pairs of birds of the air. . . ." -- which could not have been accomplished had the chickens not crossed the road to the ark.

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith:
We don't care why the chicken crossed the road, as long as it had the right of way and crossed in an approved crosswalk.

St. Lawrence of Rome:
Run, chicken, run! Run from the rotisserie!

St. Joan of Arc:
He was called to lead a cock-fight against British fish and chips.