Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Brrrr: It's Cold

It isn't even 1°C yet, and it's nearly eleven o'clock in the morning!  The city is obscured by a thick blanket of fog.

Launceston in winter, especially due to the fog that hangs in the river valley, can be chill.

Even I've taken to wearing a jumper.

Walking up around the Gorge, deep in shade, with tendrils of mist hanging about, has been quite atmospheric...

Monday's temperature range was 0.3°C to 9.1°C; and Tuesday's: -1.1°C to 9.0°C (it only passed zero at 10am).

Meanwhile, high above, volcanic ash clouds from Chile are preventing most flights from reaching Tasmania.

Spare many prayers, moreover, for the people of Christchurch, again reeling after yet another powerful earthquake.  I mourn for that beautiful city.


P.S. The fog gradually cleared by noon, although the sky remained clouded over; at least, about three o'clock, the sun shone through for a time.  It reached just  8.0°C at four o'clock.  What a miserable chilly day!

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