Thursday, March 14, 2013

Viva il Papa - and Down with Rudeness

What has upset my joy this day?

The appalling, downright rudeness, the veritably vomitous spewing-forth of bile that I have read on some of the very blogs that would most pride themselves on their orthodoxy.

And against which enemies of Holy Church, which imps of Satan have they raged?

Against – imagine! – the Vicar of Christ.

Pope Francis was only elected ten or so hours ago, and in that time the insults that have flown against him are already legion; from atheists, anti-Catholics and the like I would expect such, but from those who pose as the most Catholic such offences are all the more disgusting and hurtful.

Already all manner of things said and done in the past have been dragged up and minutely dissected: as he lived through the military dictatorship in Argentina,  one can expect much digging out of unhappy incidents from those years in order to impugn his good name. It will be alleged that as a Jesuit superior he did this, he didn't do that, and whatever he did in that difficult time will be commented on in the worst light imaginable.

That I can understand, for such is the way of the scoffing world.

But do the Traddies care about those times, when suffering struck many; or do they care about other issues dearer to their hearts?  Apparently as Archbishop of Buenos Aires he was less than enthusiastic about Summorum pontificum, be it noted; but now he has become one of the Supreme Pontiffs, would it really be likely that he, the successor of Benedict XVI – whom he supported and for whom at the last Conclave, it is said, he begged those voting for Bergoglio then to vote for Ratzinger instead – will abrogate and suppress this grant?

May we not at least wait and see, rather than rant and rave in the most disgraceful and abysmal fashion?

I accuse more than one commenter at Rorate Cæli, the NLM, and other prominent blogs of behaving crudely and viciously, neglecting the elementary precepts of good behaviour they ought each have learnt at their mother's knee, let alone the Commandment to "Honour thy father".

The Holy Father ought not be insulted by those who would pretend to be his very best and brightest children.

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