Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bl Oscar Romero, Bp & M?

According to Mgr Delgado, on several occasions the future Pope Francis assured him that, should he become Pope (per impossibile, as the then Cardinal Bergoglio assumed), he would very soon beatify Oscar Romero, who was murdered in odium fidei on the 24th of March 1980.

Thirty-three years after his death (and, we pray, his heavenly birthday), it seems incredible to me at least that that holy and orthodox bishop, who was unafraid of State terror and sought to defend the poor (in the image of several sainted hierarchs of old, be it said), is still uncanonized, let alone as yet not even beatified.

May we hopefully expect good Pope Francis to give the world a new exemplar of holiness by raising Bishop Romero to the honours of the altars in time for Holy Week, or at the least within the first year of his supreme pontificate?

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