Thursday, March 14, 2013

Il Papa che parla

“Only someone who has encountered mercy, who has been caressed by the tenderness of mercy, is happy and comfortable with the Lord,” Bergoglio said in 2001. “I beg the theologians who are present not to turn me in to the Sant’Uffizio or the Inquisition; however, forcing things a bit, I dare to say that the privileged locus of the encounter is the caress of the mercy of Jesus Christ on my sin.”

Building upon what my friend the former Lutheran David Schütz has said of Benedict XVI as the Pope who best understood the theology of Luther (both as to its evangelical strengths and its deviations from orthodoxy), does this not sound, while eminently Catholic, not toto cælo distat from an evangelical outlook, in the best sense of that term, both ecumenically and in sober verity?

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