Saturday, March 2, 2013

To Hobart for the 3rd Sunday of Lent

The first Sunday of the month has come round again, and so this afternoon I'll head down to Hobart, stay the night, and then assist at our State's monthly Missa cantata (held, as always, at St Canice church, Lower Sandy Bay, at 11:30 am). I must remind Fr Quinn to omit the words una cum Papa nostro N. during the Canon; God willing, by April we will have a new Supreme Pontiff.

Which reminds me: the first Sunday of April is Low Sunday (not Easter Sunday as I mistakenly thought – March has five Sundays this year, and the 31st is Easter Sunday).

I have been finding the driving to and from Hobart increasingly wearisome: if only we had an EF Mass up here.

Next weekend, I will be in Sydney... will the Conclave have begun by then? How long until we have a Pope? Thank God we do, since without the Roman centre of unity, the Catholic Church would have quite broken down into an Anglican-style mess.

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Matthias said...

Safe travels to both Hobart and Sydney. As for as for EF mass in Launceston,what a pity that the Newman community could not supply a priest once a month,or if Fr Terry Norton,who has been the main priest for Wangaratta Latin Mass Society ,whilst caring-at the direction of his order,The Franciscans, for his mother until she died recently,could not be able to assist.