Saturday, February 2, 2013

Another Week, Another Missa Cantata

Off to Hobart again!  I plan to leave a little earlier than last Sunday, so as to have a more leisurely drive down – about 7:15 am should do.  Our February Missa cantata, for Sexagesima Sunday, will be at the usual time and place: St Canice Church, 11:30 am.

I note that the 15th anniversary of our Archbishop's consecration is coming up (I recall attending that occasion with my friends Ben and Jane – Ben, alas, is now departed this life, God rest him). He is now over a year past his expected retirement date: a friend mentioned recently that thirteen other dioceses around Australia are in a similar position, with bishops either about to retire or awaiting their replacement – surely some succession planning could have put coadjutors into place several years ago? While nuncios come and go, it seems a bit slack to let dioceses go years without a new bishop being appointed.

Given the impending Royal Commission, a good many ordinaries must be rather hopeful of retiring... not that they have much to answer for; it was their predecessors, most of them indeed deceased now, who it seems must bear the blame, either through neglect or collusion. I am unsurprised to learn that the vile Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles, now at last retired, has been suspended from all public functions by his successor now that the damning evidence of his easygoing treatment of pervert priests has been put online by that archdiocese: hopefully the Pope will degrade him from the cardinalate pour encourager les autres.

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