Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Even I'm Scandalized

Cardinal O'Brien has resigned in disgrace, and won't attend the Conclave! I'd thought that I was unshockable by these scandals, but the contrast between his vocal stance against unnatural pretended marriage, and the accusations against him, makes for a particularly upsetting form of hypocrisy. Why, in this modern age, do priests and prelates still think they can get away with being less than simon-pure? The skeletons don't stay in the closet anymore (nor do the clergy themselves).

Yes, such scandals and worse have tainted the Church down the ages (think of the Borgias in the Vatican, or the Pornocracy of the tenth century) – but combine it with modern media coverage, and how pleasing to the devils must be the result. Note also that the very similar sins and scandals of the more "liberal" clergy do not attract such attention – presumably the hypocrisy is lessened, given that they have not even bothered to pretend to decry what they love.

If per impossibile we did not have any great motive to pray for the election of the next Pope, then surely the crying need for this cesspool to be mucked out would be motivation enough.

Lord, send us a Pope who will be a true and great Reformer.

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