Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Benedict XVII? (A most suitable gesture, signifying deep respect and a pledge of continuity, but perhaps confusing, given "ex-Benedict" would be living in a granny flat in the garden.)

John Paul III? (Many, apart from curmudgeonly traddies, would like it; at WYD, the young could chant "J. P. III, we love thee!")

John XXIV? (Good Pope John was just that, in every respect; pity about that Council, but, well, good intentions...)

Paul VII? (Yuck. The wreckage he's responsible for will take centuries to clear. Luckily, among moderates or whatever less traditional types may call themselves, the sixth of that name still hasn't lived down that encyclical of 1968 – eminently true, orthodox and indeed prophetic as it is.)

Pius XIII? (Inevitably, a name inspiring or terrifying, implying some such sobriquet as "the Excommunicator" – unlikely, and titillating only to SSPXers and perfervid trad bloggers...)

Leo XIV? (My personal favourite: no baggage attaches, and it nicely breaks up the repetitiveness of recent papal names.)

Gregory XVII? (We haven't had one since 1846.)

Clement XV? (That name hasn't been used since before the French Revolution; and so for all the rest.)

I predict: Scola, to be known as Benedict XVII, or John Paul III, or John XXIV.

(How about a triple-barrelled moniker: John Paul Benedict? – of course, a wag would suggest Peter Paul Mary!)


PM said...

Afficionados of the Angelic Doctor would, of course, be keen on Leo XIV.

Joshua said...

Did not Scola write a doctoral dissertation on Aquinas? Hmmm... Leo XIV...

William Tighe said...

Yes, Leo XIV; and think of the resonance of the phrase from the Canon, "... una cum papa nostro Leone;"and may that Lion roar!

Joshua said...

Amen to that!