Sunday, March 12, 2017

Latest Launceston Monthly Mass

I haven't blogged about many of our monthly Latin Masses up here in Launceston, but thought I might mention that all continues as usual: our little choir psalm-tones the Propers, sings the Messe Royale for the Ordinary (we are starting to learn the Missa de Angelis, while I hope for us also to learn Dumont's Mass in the sixth tone) – accompanied on the organ – and adds suitable chanted pieces as motets for Offertory and Communion (this Sunday, Attende Domine and Ave verum). We have adopted the custom of singing a Marian anthem during the Last Gospel (Ave Regina cælorum at present), before a final hymn in the vernacular. Our slender resources mean that I first run the choir practice, then proceed to serve the Mass alongside Adrian, who acts as the thurifer. But best of all we thus have a simple but complete Missa cantata, doing the maximum not giving in to minimalism. Fr Suresh very kindly drives up each month – next month, he will come for the first Sunday, as he will be very busy down South for Holy Week – and celebrates Mass for us with devotion and attention, not to mention preaches a good strong sermon. Tomorrow morning, being a public holiday, he will say Low Mass at 8 am rather than 7, which Mass I will serve. So we are all very blessed: Deo gratias et Mariæ.

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