Thursday, September 18, 2014

Congratulations, Archbishop Fisher!

I am delighted to learn that Anthony Fisher, OP, until now Bishop of Parramatta, has just been appointed Archbishop of Sydney. He is an excellent, devout and learned priest and bishop; in former days, I was lucky enough to study under him and benefit from his friendliness and support. I remember being at Sunday lunch at the Dominican Priory when his appointment as an auxiliary bishop was announced – he wept, so sad he was to leave his religious brethren and assume the heavy burden of the apostolic office. How edifying!

To think that I attended the ordination to the episcopate of both Fisher and Porteous; and to think that now the latter is my Archbishop and the former is ascending to the premier see of Australia, becoming His Grace while awaiting the customary red hat to declare him a Prince of the Church… Truly God is good and cares greatly for his little flock Down Under.

Ad multos annos!

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David O'Neill said...

It seems as if our Dominican prelates are being signally honoured following the elevation of Malcolm McMahon OP as Archbishop of Liverpool (translated from Nottingham)