Thursday, October 20, 2011

An Amazing Sight

I was late to morning Mass this morning.  The priest at the altar was evidently a visitor... and, to my astonishment, after Mass, once he had de-vested in the sacristy, he came out and – went and knelt down and prayed (I think he even opened an office book)!

Compare this to most of the local clergy, who tend to fly out the door as soon as they've removed their vestments.

Despite what Canon Law prescribes*, it is rare to see priests praying either before or after Mass.  Of course, in charity one assumes they devoutly pray in the sacristy, and in their hearts as they drive to and fro; but to actually see them praying is far more edifying, and quells the suspicion that they say inwardly, "Thanks be to God that's over!" as their only orison.

*Can. 909 A priest is not to neglect to prepare himself properly through prayer for the celebration of the eucharistic sacrifice and to offer thanks to God at its completion.

— one wonders who bothers to obey this requirement.

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