Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Special Provision for the T.A.C.

Why on earth has Cardinal Kasper said that Anglicanorum cœtibus was not drawn up for the Traditional Anglican Communion? At first blush this seems ridiculous: for everyone knows that their bishops have signed the Catechism of the Catholic Church in acknowledgement of their adhesion to the Faith, and have petitioned Rome to bring them and their people into unity. Yet other remarks have indicated that the Pope's Apostolic Constitution was drafted in response to approaches from other Anglicans, those still in the mainstream of that unhappy Communion, such as groups of Forward in Faith International, centred in England.

Another little hint from a commenter (the mysterious but apparently well-informed P.K.T.P.) over at Rorate cæli:

Kasper is preparing us for the document set to appear a fortnight from now. It will deal specifically wtih the TAC. Notice, however, that he does not exclude the TAC from the recently-published apostolic constitution. The truth is that because the TAC boarded the train BEFORE all the others did, and before that train ran down Kasper and cut his career to shreds, it is getting MORE than just the apostolic constitution. It is getting special provisions and exemptions to enable all of its ministers to come across and become Catholic priests (except those who are 'remarried'). The truth is that the Pope now needs the TAC or he'll be left standing there with no reliable Anglicans to welcome into his new provisions.

This seems to explain the divergences between what Anglicanorum cœtibus promises, and what Abp Hepworth, Primate of the T.A.C., has claimed that corporate reunion will involve: for he of all people, having been in the forefront of negotiations, with everything at stake and his credibility on the line, could hardly be guilty of exaggeration and wishful thinking.

It explains what I've heard: that the T.A.C. bishops will come over as a body, a continuing body; that having themselves been received and their orders sorted out, they will reordain their clergy en masse; and that their clergy, once regularized, will receive their people into the Church, that every one will be rescued and given refuge, please God, leaving none behind but those who in conscience are not yet able to come (and for whom the T.A.C. will strive to make provision, lest they be abandoned and lost for good).

What must we do?

We may ruminate on these rumours, but most of all we must indubitably pray that many souls will find rest and peace in Holy Church united, for their salvation, to the Triune glory of Almighty God, His Christ, and Their Holy Spirit of unity.


UPDATE: I have independent confirmation of this, but cannot say more.


Anonymous said...

Keep me posted Josh. Sound very interesting.

Rob A

Anonymous said...

Just a thought: perhaps the TAC is being rewarded for finally having done something about unity! Perhaps a message from Rome to those slow-to-get-on-the-train FIF lot: if you make an effort at corporate reunion, we will reward you.

Rob A

Anonymous said...

He's not mysterious, he's Peter Karl T. Perkins, Canadian professor of English literature :) He sometimes signs his posts with his full name, therefore I know.

Joshua said...

Thanks for this detail!