Saturday, June 25, 2016

Naughty Brits

I am more and more staggered by the way news outlets these days but mouth elite propaganda. Apparently, to paraphrase my betters, the Brits (well, the English and Welsh, or more particularly of those persons all ignorant peasants and poor fools, not the nice and rich overlords amongst them) have been very naughty to vote Leave, and now Nanny Reichskanzler will have to spank them. Let that be a warning not to permit referenda nor plebiscites, as they only lead to hate speech.

On a more positive note, the Scots, having voted throughout their realm to Remain, look likely to press for independence (in order to remain in the EU and give the English a bloody nose), and as I support both Brexit and an independent Scotland, I am happy. All I need now is for Scotland to pass a law whereby all those of Scottish descent can apply for a Scottish passport and I'll be content.

My predictions? In five years' time, England and Wales, possibly still referred to as the United Kingdom (but UKEW not UK), possibly still united to some or all of Northern Ireland, will be perfectly well-off and won't have slid into the sea. And the Kingdom of Scotland will also be quite content as a member of the EU.


Pastor in Monte said...

Might be the Republic of Scotland, however.

Patrick Sheridan said...

What makes you think it will be a "kingdom" of Scotland?

Joshua said...

In the lead-up to the referendum on Scottish independence in late 2014, I recall that the SNP and fellow travellers insisted that the Queen would remain Queen of Scotland, which would hence remain a Kingdom, or rather return to that status. I have assumed that that promise hasn't been retracted. Certainly, as a monarchist, I would hope Her Majesty would continue to reign in Scotland.

David O'Neill said...

The recent email request for new referendum (from Scotland re EU) will, I am informed, not be forthcoming but, like you, I too support both Brexit & Scottish independence & can suggest they will succeed next time (if the allow the English & Welsh to vote) as we are fed up with their whingeing. As to remaining part of the EU (after their possible independence) this has already been vetoed by the EU

William Tighe said...

The Act of Union of 1707 between England and Scotland was passed by the parliaments of both realms (thitherto completely separate, legally, from one another, although since 1603 sharing the same monarch*) which were thereby politically united, although each retaining its own legal system, religious establishment, and, for a time, local governmental offices and distinct parliamentary electoral methods; the Act of Union of 1540, by contrast, was an act of the English Parliament annexing Wales to England, or incorporating it into England; prior to 1540, Wales, or rather the various political entities which comprised Wales, were regarded by the English as a region of dominion (it cannot be termed a "realm," since "realm" means "kingdom") external to the Kingdom but subordinate to it, or dependent upon it (analogous to the present-day standing of the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man in relation to the United Kingdom, and analogous to the English view of the standing of (from 1170 to 1540) the Lordship of Ireland (Kingdom of Ireland from 1540 to 1782; from 1782 to 1800 Ireland stood in precisely the same position with regard to the UK as Scotland and England to one another from 1603 to 1707) to the Kingdom of England.

It would not be an easy matter to undo the 1540 Act of Union, since it would involve creating an entirely new political entity (realm?) called Wales.