Monday, June 27, 2016

Dominican Ave Regina cælorum – II

Years ago, I blogged on the beautiful and little-known Dominican variant of the Marian anthem Ave Regina cælorum; here is a transcription made to match as closely as possible the Dominican chant thereof (I found a version, albeit with inaccuracies, elsewhere online, and have improved on it):


Blackfriar said...

Nice, Josh. May I ask what software you used? In Gregorio, I have not worked out how to get the neume with the descending line on the left, as in the last note in "sanc" (of "radix sancta".) - Martin

Joshua said...

Good to hear from you, Fr Martin! - are you still in PNG?

I discovered all your good work on Gregobase, which is where I found this antiphon, whose gabc file I then adjusted… I use Gregorio all the time to typeset the music for the monthly Latin Mass in Launceston.

I had to do a lot of searching but finally found something that looked right…

Here is the gabc file:

name:Ave Regina cælorum (Dominican);
commentary:Processionarium O.P. (Cormier), 1913, p. 88;
(c2)A(ex/fvED/e)ve(c/df ::) Re(f)gí(gh)na(h) cæ(gh)ló(ivHG/g)rum;(f :) A(fvED/e)ve(c/df ;4) Dó(f)mi(gh)na(h) An(h)ge(gh)ló(ivHG/g)rum.(f :) Sal(fg/hi)ve(h ;3) ra(ji)dix(hvGF) sanc(ghg/gV>)ta,(f :) Ex(f) qua(ef) mun(cd/f/fg)do(f ;4) lux(f) est(gh) or(ivHG/gV>)ta.(f :) Gau(f)de(hj) glor(ji)i(hvGF)ós(ghg/g)a,(f :) Su(f)per(ef) om(cd/f/fg)nes(f ;4) spe(f)ci(gh)ó(ivHG/g)sa.(f :) Va(fg/hi)le,(h ;3) val(ji~)de(hg) de(f)cór(ghg)a,(h :) Et(h) pro(gh) no(ivHG/g)bis(f ;3) sem(g)per(fe) Chris(dc)tum(f ;) ex(gh)ó(ivHG/g)ra.(f) T.P.(::) Al(exfe~)le(d!efc;2c!df//gh;jkJIHGF)lú(ghggV>)ja.(gf) (::)