Sunday, October 23, 2011

Prayers, please...

Suzie, beloved pet dog, is sick – she is hooked up to an intravenous drip at the veterinary hospital as I write this – and doubtless is quite bewildered and afraid.  We were told by Our Lord to pray for all concerns, and so with confidence in His good will I do ask readers to join in praying for her health, so very important to all whose lives her canine affection brightens.  After all, the Roman Missal includes votive prayers in time of cattle plague, so why not pray for a sick dog, man's faithful friend and true (cf. Tob. xi, 9)?

Being in a Franciscan parish, I was bold to ask my parish priest to pray for this, and he consented (with a twinkle in his eye, be it said, as he recalled a petition praying St Anthony to find a canary which had flown away!).  It seems to me that SS Francis, Roch and Hubert are the saints to invoke, being patrons of animals, dogs and hounds, respectively.  Since St Dominic is famously pictured with a faithful dog, symbolic of the Domini canes, I also ask his intercessions.

St Dominic, pray for her.
St Francis, pray for her.
St Roch, pray for her.
St Hubert, pray for her.

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Mick in Chicago said...

What a sweet looking dog. She (and you) will be in my prayers.