Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Canine Update

Suzie has returned this after-noon from five days at the veterinary hospital, and is glad to be home (if wagging tail, sniffing nose and delighted running to and fro be thought proof sufficient).  Readers may be left to imagine the expense of tests, care and now special dog food adapted to renal ailments... The prognosis is not yet certain, but there is still hope for some months at least with this dear hound, whose eleventh birthday falls in Christmastide.

Suzannah in pensive mood

Again, if readers will first pray for all the world's great troubles, and then perhaps spare a prayer even for a sick dog (for does not the Lord have an eye even to sparrows? and benignly regard dogs eating up scraps?), I will be well content, and thankful.  There are many evils in the world; we ought give thanks for all the good, also, and preserve it when threatened, be it ever so small.

The Lord's Prayer is the prayer of prayers for all things, from the greatest to the very least, and I don't disdain to pray it for my beloved dog amongst all other intentions comformable to His sweet Will; SS Dominic and Francis, SS Roch and Hubert, intercede for her.

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Joshua said...

Suzie lived just short of one more year: she died on Monday the 8th of October 2012.

What a dear dog! I feel so sad looking at her picture.