Monday, June 14, 2010

Sufficient for the Day is the Evil Thereof

After consolation, tribulation: I have but returned home, and crisis strikes – my father, who is elderly and suffering from Parkinson's dementia, has had another fall, his fifth, hitting his head again, and being no longer in his right mind, has had to be admitted to hospital.

Our family gathered at his bedside for most of the day; it is likely he will have to go into a nursing home, since it is no longer safe for him to be by himself, nor can we care for him adequately.  Mum was talking of how, when he and she bought the family home and moved in some 39 years ago, they little imagined that this would be their parting, to-day, the 14th of June.

It was awful to see him raving and lost, not knowing where he was and hallucinating, having to be restrained.

Of your charity, please pray for my father, for my family, and for the doctors and nurses treating him – not least for the paramedics, who had to come and take him to hospital at 2am this morning.


Rubricarius said...

Sorry to learn of this sad situation.

May the LORD give you the necessary strength at this difficult time for you.

Mark said...

Dear Josh,

This is sad news indeed. Many prayers for you and all your family; as Rubricarius said, may Our Lord grant you all the graces you and yours need at this time.

God bless you!

Ttony said...

Prayers for all as requested.