Monday, June 7, 2010

In Lismore for Corpus Christi

His Lordship (wearing a cope by reason of the Eucharistic Devotions after Mass).

It was a great joy to spend the weekend in Lismore, and while there to visit my former parish priest, now the Lord Bishop of that city.  Bp Jarrett was kind enough to let me serve his Mass on Saturday and Monday – on Sunday, of course, I went to St Carthage's Cathedral where he pontificated at Mass followed by Exposition, Procession, and Benediction.  

Obviously I couldn't take photographs during all that, but snapped this one hurriedly once the Sanctissimum was returned to the tabernacle and the altar party was turning to leave:

Some further images, taken once all the morning's rites and ceremonies were over (including the blessing of a new stone cross for the cathedral roof):

Throne and altar

The Lady Chapel

St Patrick's advice! 
"Be ye such Christians as to be also Romans"

The Wallace Window (left and right lights, featuring male and female Dominican saints) – I know this family; one brother is a Dominican priest, the other is a deacon and the chancellor of Lismore Diocese.  This window is a memorial to their late mother, Veronica: may she rest in peace.

St Carthage's Cathedral

(Note the scaffolding: restoration works began in 2009 and will conclude in 2012.)

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