Saturday, October 10, 2009


It's always good to go to confession... St Philip Neri exhorted his disciples ever to hie themselves to the tribunal of penance, there to be embraced by the grace and mercy of Christ.

Also, it is always good to recommend oneself and all to others' prayers... the health woes of my family seem to be compounding: now my Mum has been diagnosed as having had a mild heart attack in the last few years, which has set alarm bells ringing to say the least! My grandfather, her father, died of a heart attack at an age not much greater than she has reached now, so our concern can be imagined.

Also, it is good not to trust oneself but to depend on others... Auntie Rosemary rang from Perth with sage advice as from an experienced Christus Rex pilgrim: amongst other things, buy some bike shorts to wear under trousers or shorts, to eliminate the chafing that long-distance walking brings. I like people who know such sensible things - since I'm not possessed of much common sense.

Also, one should frequently hear sermons and read saints' lives... well, maybe this is connected: I have registered to-day to go on retreat in Sydney in late December, where two monks of Flavigny will be conducting the Ignatian Exercises. Hopefully it's not booked out, since I really should make a proper retreat this year.

Oh, and to my amusement I finally got in contact with Justin, with whom last year I'd agreed to go a-pilgrim on the Christus Rex trek this year... and found he thought it was on for late November, so must now speed up and see if he can make it!

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