Thursday, October 8, 2009

Big Day Out

It's Show Day here, so I had a good sleep-in; later in the morning, a family friend dropt round; and in the early afternoon, I took my father (now quite elderly) out for a long drive in the beaut Spring countryside, up along the North West coast, through Devonport, Burnie and Wynyard out to Table Cape - to see the tulips in bloom around there.

The day was brilliantly clear and sunny, and zipping along the highway was fun; I like driving. Dad enjoyed seeing the verdant farmland, and enjoyed our late lunch en route: a nice plate of selected meats and cheeses, with bread and whatnot,plus a hot chocolate and a raspberry icecream. Reaching the tulip farm at 5.30 pm, we found the tulips not yet out in force, but saw enough to please, and to promise more to come in succeeding weeks. It was good to turn for home, and we arrived back, a bit tired but happy, at 8.20 pm, having driven 350 km: a big day out.

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