Friday, July 10, 2009

It's Nova et Vetera Misprint Time Again

In volume II of the otherwise quite excellent Nova et Vetera edition of the 1962 Breviary, in the Common of Martyrs at Sext (on page 60), the versicle has an extra word inserted, by evident confusion with the text of the short responsory immediately preceding:

V/.  Exsúltent iusti in conspéctu Dei, iusti [sic].
R/.  Et delecténtur in lætítia.

While still minor, this is a worse misprint than the mistaken substitution of A for Æ...

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Anonymous said...

I spotted a misprint in the Common of Apostles, versicle/response at Sext yesterday. :-( Have a look at the repetition and you'll see they've fluffed one up, repeating the response when then it should be the versicle.