Tuesday, January 6, 2009

At Prime

Two verses from Psalm 118 (119) struck me as I read them at Prime to-day:

v. 28 - Dormitavit anima mea præ tædio: confirma me in verbis tuis.

(My soul hath slumbered through heaviness: strengthen me in Thy words.)


v. 30 - Viam veritatis elegi; judicia tua non sum oblitus.

(The way of truth I have chosen: Thy judgements I have not forgotten.)

Why these? 

1.  Well, reciting the Office one is alas not always wrapt in Divine things, attent with lively mind and heart to the sacred words on one's lips, and I must confess that oft Dormitavit anima mea præ tædio, my soul sleeps through apprehended tedium as being still enmeshed in the world and sleepy when it would consider things supernatural - yet I take fresh courage knowing that the Lord permits me so imperfectly to take up these His oracles of truth, His own praise of Himself, for He knows of what we are made: and so I can pray in all truth for Him to strengthen me by His words in the Psalms and the rest of Holy Writ, since that is their appointed purpose.  For in prayer we seek not to sway the Divine Will (strange folly) but to conform ourselves to it, for our unspeakable good.

2.  I have indeed chosen the way of truth, and not forgotten God's judgements: the old man would wish truth to be otherwise, so as to subserve self and expediency, but enlightened by Faith I know what is right and just, even when I don't act accordingly - and hence I hie me to the confessional, and must needs strive to rise again by grace to run the road marked out by Him Who Is the Way, the Truth, and the Life: for apart from Him there is no road to heaven, only to hell; no truth, only lies; no life, only death.  God give me light to deeply imprint this upon my heart.

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