Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Beer and Soup on Ember Wednesday

I'm enjoying, more or less, a rather strong beer (8.1%) as I type, and am about to go in search of nibbles to have with it... a Tripel Karmeliet, Belgian of course, brewed with not just water, hops, yeast and (barley) malt, but, oats and wheat as well. [I scrounged and found some almonds.]

So as to keep in the spirit (Spirit?) of this Ember Wednesday in Whitsuntide, I prayed Lauds before work, and after work, in between getting the car washed, doing some shopping, having afternoon tea while reading the paper, etc., I managed to say the Little Hours. Soon I will attempt Vespers. I know Matins is thus bizarrely out of order, but realistically thought it best to say what parts I had the time for when I could, rather than start Matins and then have to finish it much much later on, without any other Hours said at all.

Having got home, and had some leftovers for dinner (a simple pearl barley soup, with some vegetables for flavour), I then got on with making some more soup of a tasty sort, according to a half-remembered and very primitive receipt, as follows:

Leek and Ham Hock Soup

Two leeks, chopped
Two ham hocks, whole
Two onions, chopped
Half a dozen or more stalks celery with leaves, chopped
Two potatoes, chopped [these were left over from last night!]
Black peppercorns to taste [maybe a teaspoon or more]


1. Put all ingredients in large pot(s) with water to cover, bring to boil, simmer until meat falls from bones.
2. Remove bones, remove meat and chop up if necessary, return all meat to pot.
3. Cool and skim off fat if necessary.
4. Serve.

I have bought some button mushrooms, and am undecided as to whether or not to add some or all to the soup as a garnish toward the end of the cooking.

[Update: I left out the mushrooms, but the soup tastes good! I may have been a bit heavy handed with the peppercorns though...]

Ideas, advice, tips, contributions, revulsion?

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Pete said...

So, you ate dinner and then made soup? The Matins thing is starting to make sense... When I was a teenager I had an amateur blog
It has some belgian beer and food on it.

Stay safe,