Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Yester-day was Friday and to-day, Saturday – according to my calendar from Santissima Trinità dei Pellegrini!  Yes, it really did say the last five days of November ran Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Friday, Saturday.  Oh well.

Similarly, yester-day Lauds had five psalms and two canticles – because I read the psalmody of Lauds I before realizing it should have been Lauds II (with five different antiphons, plus Ps 50 and Is. xii, 1-6 instead of Ps 46 and I Par. xxix, 10-13), so before the little chapter I read the psalm and canticle and antiphons I'd missed.  Oh well.

Errare humanum est et confiteri errorem prudentis.  (To err is human and to admit the error is wise.)

To-day is St Andrew's Day, isn't it?  Third time lucky: I did remember to make a commemoration of Advent at Lauds.

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