Saturday, May 22, 2010

Vigil of Pentecost

I hear that in Perth, W.A., the Traditional Vigil of Pentecost - complete with all the prophecies, the solemn blessing of the font and the Litanies of the Saints before the actual Mass – was carried out this morning.  (Question: since all these rites precede the actual Mass, could it be said that they are optional ceremonies?)

As for myself, I went to confession... Send forth Thy Spirit and they shall be created: and Thou shalt renew the face of the earth.

Come, Holy Ghost, Creator, come
From Thy bright heavenly throne:
Come, take possession of our souls
And make them all Thine own.


Rubricarius said...


Would that be the only Vigil celebrated in Australia?

I know of three Vigils in Southern England this morning - still as rare as proverbial hens' teeth.

Joshua said...

I have no information about other Latin Mass locales round this "wide brown land" - but I suspect that the pre-Pius XII Vigil of Pentecost is very rare at this end of the earth also.

I shoulda guessed something was odd in Perth the first time I heard "Benedicamus Domino" sung at the end of Mass... ;-)

I still haven't seen a folded chasuble, alas.

Rubricarius said...


You should have looked at the folded chasubles in Fr. Hunwicke's sacristy when you visited - St. Thomas the Martyr has some.

Seeing them in use is difficult here too. At the moment the only church using them is another Anglican one with a fine history, St. Magnus the Martyr at London Bridge.

Happy Feast.

Terra said...

I'm afraid I don't see anything particularly virtuous about performing ceremonies suppressed by the Church. It speaks of the novus ordo mentality of what I happen to like I'll do, rather than of the obedience that we should give the rubrics.

Joshua said...

I understand, Terra, and my conscience would instruct me to be strictly 1962. That is why I use a 1962 Breviary.

That said, I understand the reasoning of those who feel that the reforms, or, rather, the prunings of the 1950's and early 1960's were untraditional innovations that prepared the way for the disaster of the Novus Ordo.

The Ecclesia Dei Commission, prior to Summorum Pontificum, allowed quite some leeway both as regards pre- and post-1962 rubrics and ceremonies; it remains to be seen whether the Pope's recognition of the continuing liceity of the 1962 liturgical books is to interpreted with the same wideness as the Commission used previously.

I could throw up my hands in horror and run out of a church where any pre-1962 rubrics were used, but I think that would be an overreaction.

Rubricarius said...

" I could throw up my hands in horror and run out of a church where any pre-1962 rubrics were used, but I think that would be an overreaction."

Twenty years ago I walked out of my last 1962 Mass and did throw my hands up in horror and prayed God I would be spared every seeing another. Thankfully the Good Lord has obliged me to date. May His superabundant mercies continue.

Terra, the Vigil of Pentecost is part of the the Tradition of the Church, it would take more than a decree of the SRC to suppress its lawful use.

Joshua said...

Well, lucky you!

England remains rather better provided with Trad. Masses of all types, thanks to the blood of the Martyrs no doubt, than godless Australia.

(I assume you don't frequent SSPX Masses nor imitation Masses of the C. of E., quelle horreur.)

If you could pray that Tasmania get even a weekly Latin Mass, I would be exceedingly grateful.