Saturday, March 13, 2010


I really wonder what I'm doing wrong... finding the Church's age-old tradition of priestly celibacy under attack, I tried to defend it, but seem to have accomplished nothing but made myself look a fool.

I certainly am intemperate, as certain postings and comments upon this blog a few months ago seem to show.

Readers will note that I have been posting far less of late.

I'll continue to post on such matters as may move me to write, but be aware that posts may be few and far between.

To be honest, I am consumed with work and other worldly concerns, of greater or lesser moment; moreover, I find little time nor inclination to pray, and have hardly used the Breviary at all since the end of my summer holidays.

Life at present is not going so well.  Certainly my spiritual life is absolutely dead.

I would appreciate those who can to spare a prayer for yours truly.


Scott said...

Read St Alphonsus.
A reader from New Zealand

Antonio said...

"Certainly my spiritual life is absolutely dead..."

You would not be able to say so if this were true.
Go and find a good old book about the life of a Saint.
And be sure you have my poor prayers...

Mark M said...


You certainly have my prayers.

I think these things sometimes come in cycles. I too have been finding life trying. I am bored by TV, Internet and so forth, yet can hardly turn to my Breviary... instead sleep seems so inviting.

It is maybe worthwhile noting (and I mean this not to assuage my own guilt) that you do need a proper rest from time to time! Maybe a "desert day" would help? Are you familiar with them?

God bless you, Josh. Lots of prayers, and all my best wishes.

petamick said...

Dear Joshua - I'm praying for you, and will get Peter to pray as well - keep your chin up - don't be discouraged - turn your eyes to Mary - she will help you!
Peter's Mum

Louise said...

Prayers, Joshua.

Someone's advice to "mix it up" a bit re: your prayer life is probably good. Forget the breviary for a while and say some other prayers, perhaps. Read the psalms from beginning to end, even just a few verses a day. Try Lectio Divina or anything else which takes your fancy. Prayer is prayer, after all.

God bless.

PM said...

Some advice I once received from a wise priest: simplify, stick to the basics rahter than multiplying devotions, and above all don't give up.

Terra said...

You are in my prayers.

My suggestion for what it is worth - don't worry about the breviary but try very short prayers, one or two words, scattered throughout the day particularly when facing problems.

Joshua said...

I'm feeling better now... it always helps to go to Confession and know the peace the Lord gives. To-morrow I'll hear Mass and receive Communion on the Solemnity of St Patrick.