Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Contra Trolles - II

A kind person informs me that Olaus Magnus in his history refers to trolls as metallici dæmones (demons of the mines) - I think this sounds admirably suited to the new sense of the word.

(Some research reveals the modern meaning arises from the old verb "to troll", which word has nothing in common with the noun that names those Scandinavian legendary beasties, but in common acceptation it is the connotation of the latter word that has become attached to the former, by confusion of nominalized verb with the older unrelated noun.)

What cute critters they are when seen - what a pity they can't type nicely.

Here's Grieg's "March of the Trolls":


Kate Edwards said...

I share your pain Joshua, and have made a brief (and most likely shortlived) return in solidarity.

Joshua said...

I sincerely appreciate this, Terra.