Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Anglican Advent

While we keep watch for the Coming of the Lord, spare a thought for the Anglicans wavering between hope and fear as they ponder what to do with the Pope's generous offer - the very idea makes me wax poetic:

On Tiber’s bank T.A.C.’s cry
Announces that Reunion’s nigh:
Come Anglicans for Hepworth brings
Glad tidings of new Roman things!

Forward in faith run one and all
To answer Vaticana’s call;
Fly Rowan’s C. of E. so frayed
That withers like a flower decayed.

Retain your fair Patrimony
And gain your own new Ordin’ry
Chosen from out the reordain’d
From all fell Articles unchain’d.

Who asked a refuge of the Lord
His Vicar proffers such reward!
Your Latin brush up to peruse
Anglicanorum cœtibus.

All praise, Pope Benedict, to thee,
Restoring Christian Unity;
Ut unum sint we God implore
In Holy Church for evermore.

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