Wednesday, May 27, 2009

St Bede

According to my holiday plans, I will be visiting Milford Sound to-day*; but according to the calendar of holy days of the Holy Roman Church, the Breviary Office to-day is of St Bede the Venerable.

As he gave light to the Church by his erudition - such that even in his lifetime his writings were read at Matins, and thus he acquired his sobriquet in default of being a saint yet! - so may his wisdom enlighten us, and his merits assist us. (Collect of St Bede.)
* UPDATE: I've recently returned from Milford Sound: spectacular! The snow on the high peaks, the glacial valleys, the alpine pass, the mountain tunnel, the Southern beech forest, the sun brightly shining, the waters of the sound so still, the dolphins playing and fur seal basking, even a kea (bright green alpine parrot) turning tricks on the roadway...
On a humorous note, I've now seen the tallest mitre in the world: Mitre Peak, one mile high, a sheer mountain that rises straight out of the fiord that is Milford Sound... it's debatable which mitre is the second-tallest, however: that of the Armenian Patriarch - I saw him celebrate the Liturgy once - or that of a nineteenth century French prelate, which was apparently crenellated and battlemented, with a statue of the Immaculate Conception on the top!

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