Thursday, May 14, 2009

Missa contra amicas - II

Having read that Quasi was dealing with various vocational difficulties (see his recent posts), I suggested that he try the Vnuk solution, a.k.a. a Mass against Girlfriends - apparently Fr Joseph Vnuk, O.P., somewhere in England, kindly acceded to Quasi's request, and offered up the Holy Sacrifice; much impressed, Quasi's just responded to let me know, and I quote, "The mass has now worked 3 times.  I do not believe i have ever encountered anything so powerful."  So there!


matthias said...

There is the story of the spinister missionary who took the Words of Christ "I will make you fishers of men" as a sign that she would find a husband. she was still fishing for men at 70

Quasi Seminarian said...

It is true, I believe that the good Fr. Vnuk should recieve a title of "Slayer of ..." something or other.

His Mass prevented 3 occasions from occuring and resulted in a good settlement for all involved.

I have never encountered a Mass with effects so powerful. So for all who doubt, it works.

Anonymous said...

Ah! Thank you for an interesting blog recommendation... :)