Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shrove Tuesday and St Matthias

I've relocated what I wrote regarding St Matthias and his Collect last year... have a look.

Also, to-day being Shrove Tuesday, I've cooked and eaten the de rigueur pancakes for dessert, and look forward to getting ashed to-morrow, with fish and chips for dinner, and but a snack for lunch.

One more penance for Lent: no more chocolate till Easter Sunday!

(I'm not superhuman, though - I can't give up coffee.)


Anonymous said...

I have made the pancakes too! YUM!

My Lenten penance (set by a good friend) is to hurry home each Sunday after Mass (instead of socialising Saturday and Sunday) and do my mum's bidding until 6pm... not sure how that interfaces with the idea of Sunday, but it's charity too... what think you?

Joshua said...

Sounds practical and therefore excellent. Remember, Mum knows best!

Quasi Seminarian said...

No Shroves here. I did eat Hungry Jacks however and read "Defence of Australia" by B.A. Santamaria. I like "All you can drink."