Sunday, February 15, 2009

Joy to the World

There's nothing quite like megalomania... hear ye, hear ye, I'll be in Melbourne in early March!

Seriously, I know various friends and acquaintances read this blog, so I may as well announce I'm flying over to visit the Glorious See of Melbourne at lunchtime on Saturday the 7th of March, and will return to Tasmania mid-afternoon on Monday the 9th - so all interested parties can start planning what they'll do to entertain me.

Perhaps I'll even visit Bendigo...


Also, putting first things last, I'm going to go down to Hobart not next weekend, but the next, for the State's monthly Traditional Latin Mass on the first Sunday of the month... so I'll keep the First Sunday of Lent at St Canice, Sandy Bay.


Fraser Pearce said...

Now, Bendigo...that'd be fun!

Joshua said...

I could come up there on Sunday afternoon - I'd take the train...

Anonymous said...


Don't come down to Hobart next weekend (February 22nd) and expect to attend the State's Traditional Latin Mass because the TLM in Hobart is the first Sunday of the month at Mt St Canice. Thus, the next TLM will be Sunday March 1st at 11:30am, not this weekend.

Simon Greener

Joshua said...

Oh - of course!

See you there on the 1st of March, Simon!