Friday, July 15, 2016

Domine, salvam fac Galliam

Please join in praying for France, that wounded nation, eldest daughter of the Church and mother of revolutions, regicide and penitent, Catholic and atheist, which has been so wickedly attacked with hellish malice by infidel enemies of both true religion and true liberty:

Domine, salvam fac Galliam, 
et exaudi nos in die 
qua invocaverimus te. (iii)

Lord, save France,
and hear us in the day
that we shall call upon thee. (iii)

This modified verse from Psalm 19:9 is traditionally sung at EF Mass in France, originally used after Mass as a prayer for the Most Christian King (salvum fac Regem), and in more recent times sung after Communion as a prayer for that nation:

Of your charity, please pray for those who have been killed in Nice, those medical professionals treating the injured, and the gendarmerie and armed forces who are striving to fight the just fight against her foes.

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