Saturday, October 5, 2013

First Sunday Again

Time to grab a few bits and pieces: altar Missal (set for the 20th Sunday after Pentecost) for Father; Fortescue-O'Connell-Reid, plus cassock and surplice, for me; some sacred music CD's (Bruckner, Biber, Schmelzer and Geoffroy) to play in the car in between listening to ABC News Radio; and a change of clothes, etc., as I'll be staying the night in Hobart to-morrow. Yes, time to get up early and drive to Hobart for to M.C. the State's one and only Missa cantata at 11:30 am on this, the first Sunday of the month. (Come to think of it, that means to-day is a first Saturday - no wonder there were more than usual at Confession...) I think I'll leave at about half seven, and stop as usual at Campbell Town for coffee and breakfast. What with the 700 km I drove earlier this week (I had two nights away near Nubeena, and visited the convict ruins at Port Arthur), I'll have done a thousand kilometres within seven days. No rest for the wicked; and I think it says in the Imitation that they who rove about seldom or never become holy.

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Matthias said...

You travel safely Joshua. I went to Mass yesterday ,at a Chapel in Eastland Shopping Centre at 1.05 to be told it is a Communion Service lead by a lay person. The reason being was that the officiating priest was ill and was facing surgery this coming week.
First time as a Catholic I have experienced that . made me think this must have been similar to how the recusants worshipped in the English reformation times,when priests were hunted down